Gamera vs Gaos Dvd


Original Japanese Language w/english subtitles. Uncut Japan Version! Gamera Versus Gaos; also known as Return of the Giant Monsters) is a 1967 daikaiju eiga (giant-monster movie) featuring the popular Gamera character created by Daiei Motion Picture Company. Gamera vs. Gyaos was released in the United States by Sandy Frank. It is one of five Gamera films featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (episode 308, July 27, 1991). This is the only Gamera film to be remade by Shusuke Kaneko in 1995 under the title, Gamera: Guardian of the Universe. In the film, the monster Gyaos is awakened by a volcanic eruption. Gamera returns to confront the threat and save Japan.

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