Gamera vs Viras Dvd


Original Japanese Language w/english subtitles. Uncut Japan Version! Spaceship OneAliens called the Virans attempt to conquer Earth by sending a spaceship named Spaceship One to attack it. This effort is foiled by Gamera, who destroys Spaceship One. However, the Virans return with Spaceship Two and take control of Gamera by impanting a device on the back of his head. Then they send him to destroy Japan. The Virans also abduct two boy scouts named Jim and Masao, who had previously befriended Gamera. The Virans teleport them inside Spaceship Two. However, after reversing the controls that operate the abduction ray, they escape. The Virans order Gamera to kill Jim and Masao, but Gamera breaks the control, and attacks Spaceship Two. As a last resort, all the Virans merge into one, kaiju-sized, squid-like monster: Viras. Gamera and Viras duke it out, but Gamera manages to pull Viras into the stratosphere, killing him.

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