Gappa Dvd


Original Japanese Language w/english subtitles. Uncut Japan Version! An expedition from Tokyo heads to Obelisk Island, which a greedy entrepreneur (Mr. Funazu, the President of Playmate Magazine) wants to turn into an island resort. The natives of Obelisk welcome the expedition, but when two members, Hiroshi and Itoko, venture into the forbidden part of the land, they skeptically venture ahead, despite the pleas of a native boy named Saki. They enter a cavern (which was blocked by a statue that had collapsed) and find a giant egg, out of which hatches a baby monster, a "bird-lizard", referred to as a "Gappa" by the natives, who plea with the scientists not to take the baby away, lest they anger the baby's parents, to which the scientists react with skepticism. Sure enough, they take the baby away, and soon, inside the caverns, its two larger parents rise from the underground waters! They rise from beneath the island volcano, destroying everything in its path, with Saki being the only survivor left on the island (rescued by an American navy fleet and brought back to Japan) .

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