Godzilla 1985 Return of Godzilla Dvd Uncut!


Original Japanese Language w/english subtitles. Uncut Japan Version! This film picks up in 1984, 30 years after Godzilla was killed. A fishing vessel caught in a terrible storm encounters a new Godzilla, much larger than his predecessor from the 1950's. Days later, a reporter, Goro Maki, is sailing in the oceans and discovers the wrecked fishing vessel. He investigates to find only one survivor, Hiroshi Okumura. The rest were killed by the giant sea louse, a mutant parasite which presumably fed from Godzilla's blood. Japanese Prime Minister Mitamura, confronted with this information, knows that a new Godzilla has been awakened by recent volcanic activity. Despite the impending danger, he decides to keep it a secret to avoid nationwide panic and orders a media blackout. Unfortunately, Godzilla destroys a Soviet submarine carrying nuclear missiles. Faced with an escalating situation between the Soviets, who believe their sub was sunk by the Americans, and the Americans, who fear an unwarranted counter strike from the Soviets, the Japanese Government is forced to go public with the news of Godzilla. Meanwhile, Godzilla attacks a nuclear power plant, but during the attack, it is discovered that Godzilla uses a homing signal similar to that of birds who fly south for winter. Goro and Co. decide to use this to their advantage by developing a way to lure Godzilla away from major cities utilizing a high frequency homing signal.

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