Godzilla vs Biollante 1989 SP 2 Disc Dvd Set


Special Edition 2 Disc Set.Original Japanese Language w/english subtitles.2nd disc is behind the scenes,trailers & extras! Uncut Japan Version!The movie begins where The Return of Godzilla left off, with Godzilla (Kenpachirō Satsuma) sealed away inside of a volcano and a scientific team picking through the ruins of a ravaged district of Tokyo, searching for tissue samples left behind by Godzilla. A team of American paramilitary soldiers working for a United States-based genetics research company called Bio-Major attempts to escape with a sample, but is overcome by a lone mercenary and the samples are stolen. Meanwhile, in the Middle East, a Japanese researcher named Dr. Genshiro Shiragami (Kōji Takahashi) looks forward to returning home to Japan with his daughter, Erika (Yasuko Sawaguchi). However, a terrorist bombing destroys the research facility in which he works and kills Erika. Five years later, in 1990; Dr. Shiragami is now a haunted dreamer, who has lately turned most of his attention to the study of the psychic energy of roses. A young psychic named Miki Saegusa (Megumi Odaka), who also heads an institution for intuitive children, aids him in his research. Dr. Shiragami is now seen as a harmless old man who uses his scientific knowledge to satisfy his own curiosity. However, two groups are watching Shiragami: a gang of thieves hired by Bio-Major and an assassin from a Middle Eastern country called Saradia. As it turns out, Dr. Shiragami is involved in the study of Godzilla cells. It is believed by Shiragami's employers that he is aiding them in figuring out how to utilize the cells' properties to create an Anti-Nuclear Bacteria (ANB), which is supposed to be used as weapons against Godzilla. The bacteria are designed to devour all radioactive material, and should prove fatal to Godzilla, but Shiragami, unbeknown to everyone, has been conducting his own secret experiments...

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