Godzilla vs Destroyah Dvd Uncut!


Original Japanese Language w/english subtitles. Uncut Japan Version! The film takes place in 1996 after the death of SpaceGodzilla. Birth (or Bass) Island is found destroyed with Godzilla nowhere in sight. His Little son, Little Godzilla, is presumed dead at first but later reveals himself as a larger and more powerful sub-adult due to the excess radiation. Godzilla, covered in glowing lava-like rashes, enters Hong Kong and destroys most of the city. G-Force representatives hire college student Kenichi Yamane, adopted grandson of Dr. Yamane who witnessed Godzilla's original attack in 1954, to come work at the center in an attempt to unravel the mystery of Godzilla's condition. Yamane suspects that Godzilla's internal power source, an organic nuclear reactor, (part of the mutation induced by the H-Bomb which originally created him in 1954) causing something like an atomic heart attack, triggering an atmospheric chain reaction which will take Japan, and indeed the entire Earth with him. G-Force deploys a flying combat vehicle outfitted with anti-nuclear cold weapons to forestall this; the Super-X III. Strange life forms appear where Godzilla died, and a host of deadly creatures called Destoroyah begin wreaking havoc. Soil samples reveal that Destoroyah is connected to the Oxygen Destroyer used against Godzilla in 1954, which mutated Precambrian era life forms. After several deadly skirmishes with the Japanese Self Defense Force, the Destoroyah evolve beyond the JSDF's containment abilities and psychic Miki Saegusa must use her failing powers to lure Godzilla Junior to the area in an attempt to combat Destoroyah in Tokyo. Godzilla, who is tracking his offspring, follows Junior, but complications arise. Due to his encounter with the Super-X III, Godzilla will melt down once 1200 degrees Celsius has been reached and his skeleton will burn straight into the core of the planet and destroy all of Earth.

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