Godzilla vs King Ghidorah Dvd Uncut!


Original Japanese Language w/english subtitles. Uncut Japan Version! In 1992, overnight in Japan, a UFO appears, and flies over the nation of Japan. The next morning, Terasawa, a young Japanese science fiction writer, announces that he wishes to write non-fiction stories, and proceeds to investigate a dinosaur that was sighted during the Pacific War. That same day, the UFO sighting coincides with Godzilla's awakening in the ocean. Later, two army helicopters on a routine patrol come across the UFO, but are destroyed when they try to investigate further. The military then moves into the area where the helicopters crashed and discover the UFO. Soon later, the UFO emits a strange green light, and holographic projections of three humans (Two western men: Wilson and Grenchiko, and one Japanese young woman, Emmy) appear from the ship, who reveal themselves as delegates of nations of year 2204. After introductions, they request a meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan. At this meeting, they announced that they have traveled back in time to warn Japan of a grave future. Due to industrialization and nuclear power, Godzilla will reappear and destroy Japan for good. Emmy also presents a book that Terasawa would later write, which describes his theories on how the dinosaur he is covering, a Godzillasaurus, is the dinosaur that would eventually become Godzilla after radiation exposure of an American atomic bomb test after World War II.

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