Godzilla vs Queen Mothra 1992 Dvd Uncut!


Original Japanese Language w/english subtitles. Uncut Japan Version! In 1992 a few months after Godzilla defeated Mecha-King Ghidorah, a large meteor hurtles towards Earth, and lands in the ocean, causing many natural disasters, such as typhoons, and awakens Godzilla. One particularly large typhoon is monitored over the Pacific ocean. This typhoon uncovers a giant egg from underground. The next day, a young man named Takuya Fujita is caught stealing an ancient artifact, and is sent to jail. Later, the Japanese Prime Minister arrives with Takuya's ex-wife, Masako Tezuka, with a proposal: Explore an island in the sea with Masako and the secretary for the Marutomo company, Kenji Andoh, and become a free man. Initially, Takuya refuses, on the basis that he's to be released in another week. But after his ex-wife informs him that his sentence has been reconsidered, he agrees. The trio then sets sail. After arriving at the island and exploring it a bit, they find a cave behind a waterfall. Inside the cave, they discover ancient paintings, including a picture of two giant insects fighting one another. While studying them, the sun shines through a hole in the wall, shaped like a cross inside a circle. The light points to a small opening in the cave, where they come upon the giant egg. After taking a small sample of the outer shell, the three hear a pair of voices, which informs them that the egg belongs to Mothra. After searching around a bit, the voices' owners show themselves,. They explain that they are the Earth's Cosmos, and that they keep the Earth's natural order of things in balance.

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