Godzilla vs the Sea Monster 1966 english dubbed(Godzilla Dvd)


English Dubbed Version!After his brother Yata is lost at sea, young Ryota steals a yacht with his two friends and a bank robber. This motley crew runs afoul of the giant lobster Ebirah, and washes up on the shore of an island, where a terrorist organization manufactures heavy water for their nefarious purposes, as well as a chemical that keeps Ebirah at bay. The organization, known as Red Bamboo (赤い竹, akai take?), has enslaved natives from Infant Island to help them, but the natives hope to awaken a dormant Mothra to rescue them. In their efforts to avoid capture, Ryota and his friends, aided by a beautiful native girl, stumble across Godzilla sleeping, who is resting from his battles with King Ghidorah from the previous two years, within a cliffside cavern. The group formulates a plan to defeat Red Bamboo and escape from the island. In the process, they wake Godzilla using a lightning rod, retrieve the missing Yata, free the enslaved natives and destroy the base, but in the process the island becomes unstable. As Godzilla makes Shrimp Scampi out of Ebirah, the natives summon Mothra to save everyone, and everyone goes home happy.

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