Warning from Space Dvd Uncut!


Original Japanese Language w/english subtitles. Uncut Japan Version! depicting a planet — "Planet 'R'" — on a collision course with Earth. Warning from Space has one-eyed, starfish-shaped aliens from the planet Paira who take on human forms to warn the earth about the impending disaster. In contrast to the usual anti-nuclear message of the Japanese science-fiction film genre, Warning from Space seemingly takes the position that nuclear weapons can be put to good use, as a means to prevent the collision with Planet 'R.' The Pairan aliens were designed by prominent avant-garde artist, Taro Okamoto. Walt Lee reports that Gentaro Nakajima's novel, on which this film was based, was in turn based on the Japanese folktale Kaguya-hime. [1] However, it is difficult to see much connection between the film and the folktale.

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