Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah Monsters All Out Attack Dvd Uncu


Special Edition 2 Disc Set.Original Japanese Language w/english subtitles. Uncut Japan Version!By the dawn of the twenty-first century, Godzilla was a subject very distant in almost anyone's mind. The monster had attacked in 1954, but was defeated shortly afterwards by an unknown chemical compound. Danger still remained, however. Anecdotal evidence of other monsters poured in from across the globe, and an attack by a large, reptilian creature, was even confirmed in New York City in 1998 (a reference to the American Godzilla film). The Japanese Self-Defense Force, Admiral Taizo Tachibana reasoned, would always have to be prepared. In 2002, 48 years after the first Godzilla attack, a US nuclear submarine disappeared off the coast of Guam, and the anti-nuclear submarine Satsuma was dispatched to investigate. The eerily glowing dorsal fins of an unknown, and unfathomably large animal were sighted near the incident. It appeared as though a nightmare from the distant past would soon make a terrifying reemergence. Meanwhile, the admiral's daughter, Yuri Tachibana, was in the process of filming a fictional documentary near Mt. Myoko in Niigata when a tremor struck. Yuri sighted a mysterious old man in the area, dressed in traditional robes, but he promptly vanished. Later on, in the dead of night, a motorcycle gang was trapped in a collapsing tunnel, and a witness claimed to have observed the frightening face of an monster, which he identified as Godzilla. In the midst of this odd occurrence, Yuri came to realize just how excellent a lead this story truly was. She also came to learn that the epicenter of the tremor, which had caused the collapse of the tunnel, had actually moved! In response to the expanding mystery, Teruaki Takeda, Yuri's adviser, located a book written by Hirotoshi Isayama that described prophecies similar to the course of events which were presently unfolding. It told of a group of legendary beasts known as the Guardian Monsters: Baragon, Mothra, and King Ghidorah.

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