Ultraman The Next


Original Japanese Language w/english subtitles. Uncut Japan Version! First Lieutenant Shun'ichi Maki of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force is a prestigious F-15 Eagle jet pilot (or "driver" as he is called in the film). A lifelong fan of flying since he was a child, being a pilot is his ultimate dream. Unfortunately, his duties distance himself from his wife, Yoko, who always ends up being neglected, and his son, Tsugumu, who has a congenital blood disease and has a high risk of dying at a young age. Maki decides to quit the Air Force to devote more time to his family and to spend whatever is left for his son. He takes a part-time job as a commercial tour guide run by a kindly group of people who allow him time to work and to also take care of his family. However, prior to quitting, Maki and his flight partner Yamashima are alerted to a strange red light streaking towards Japan, and Maki's plane collides with the red light. However, he has suffered no ill effects other than brief flashes of scenes playing out in his mind. He later discovers that the images in his mind are due to telepathic messages from the strange being in the light. Maki is then kidnapped by a covert government group, known as the BCST, which locks him up, codenaming Maki as "The Next" and stating that he is a threat to humanity. It is through BCST Scientist Sara Mizuhara that he learns that an incident similar to the one which befell Maki happened to one of their soldiers, Udo, that was investigating a blue light in the ocean floor. The light struck and destroyed an underwater vessel, killing everyone except for Udo. After colliding with the blue light, Udo began to mutate into a lizard-like humanoid, slowly losing his sanity and developing a homicidal streak. Dubbed "The One", the now-mutated Udo absorbs the capabilities of any animal in by calling together swarms of certain animals and absorbing them into himself. The One, absorbing the powers of lizards, escapes from his laboratory cell, in which Sara was attempting to study and interrogate him. It was during one of these interrogations that Udo warns that a being similar to him shall come to defeat him, but that he will be unable to win.

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