Gamera the Brave (2 Dvd Set)


Original Japanese Language w/english subtitles. Uncut Japan Version! In 1973, Gamera self-destructed to kill a murder of Gyaos, which were attacking a small village. One of the survivors was a little boy. Thirty years later, the little boy has grown up and owns a small restaurant in the Japanese coastal town of Iseshima. He has a son named Toru. Toru's mother has recently died in a car crash, and this is his first summer without her. When playing on the beach with his friends, he sees a strange red glow emanating from a nearby rock formation. He decides to investigate it. Toru finds an egg lying on top of a strange red rock with patterns carved into it. When he picks up the egg, a baby turtle hatches. Toru names him "Toto," which is what his mother used to call him.

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