Godzilla x Mothra x Mechagodzilla Tokyo S.O.S. 2004 english dub


English Dubbed Version!The film takes place in 2004, and is a direct sequel to the previous Godzilla film Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. Kiryu is undergoing repair modifications, but it's primary main weapon from the previous film- the Absolute Zero Cannon, was damaged from firing on Godzilla at point blank range and is unable to be repaired in time. The Japanese Prime Minister accepts the Lead Scientist's decision to install the secondary weapon, a very powerful Tri-Mazer into Kiryu's chest plating instead. Then, Mothra's twin fairies warn the Japanese government that using the first Godzilla's bones as the basis for Kiryu is wrong and that the taking of the original Godzilla's bones is what brought him back - if they don't return them to the sea, then Mothra will declare war on humanity, but if Kiryu's bones are returned, then Mothra will gladly protect Japan from Godzilla. Soon enough, Godzilla comes back and kills Kamoebas. Godzilla and Mothra fight, but Mothra proves unable to defeat Godzilla. With the repairs finished just in time, Kiryu is deployed to help and manages to even the odds of the fight. However, Godzilla manages to knock out both Kiryu and Mothra. Meanwhile, on Infant Island, a pair of twin Mothra larvae hatch from Mothra's egg, and rush to Japan to help their mother. While the main character rushes to repair Kiryu, Mothra's children try to hold off Godzilla, and in the process Mothra sacrifices herself to protect her children from Godzilla's firebeam attack, bursting into a moth shaped fireball.

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