Mothra 2 Special Edition 2 Disc Dvd Uncut!


Original Japanese Language w/english subtitles. Uncut Japan version! The ancient monster Dagahra awakens to ravage the environment with poisonous starfish-like creatures called Barem. Created by the people of Ninai Kanai as a method of pollution management gone awry, only Mothra Leo can stop it, though he will need the help of the lost castle of Ninai Kanai itself and the mysterious treasure within. Dagahra awakened after a sudden increase in pollution levels and once again began releasing the Barems, killing many types of sea life. Leo nearly succeeded in defeating Dagahra, until the sea monster took the battle underwater where it was in its element. Dagahra incapacitated Leo by covering him with Barem. Leo landed on the newly raised Ninai Kanai temple, but before Dagahra could give the killing blow, the structure activated and defended Leo. Leo, with the help of the Elias, turned into Rainbow Mothra and was able to destroy the Barem covering his body. After taking a severe beating, Dagahra once again retreated into the water, where Rainbow Mothra turned into Aquamothra. This time Rainbow Mothra's new form allowed him to overpower the sea monster. He finally finished Dagahra by splitting into thousands of miniature Aquamothras and entering Dagahra's body and destroying its Barem producing organs, all the Barems that were already spawned, and finally killing Dagahra. Dagahra was then dropped on the temple which reduced to water along with the sea monster's body. Aquamothra returned to his single form, then turned back into Rainbow Mothra. He had saved humanity once again.

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