Spectreman English Version Dvd Set 1-64 EPISODES


SPECTREMAN DVD SET 1-64 EPISODES ENGLISH DUBBED VERSION on 11 Dvds ALL 64 EPISODES in English Spectreman (??????? Supekutoruman Disguised as a human being (Jôji Gamô), Spectreman requests his transformation from the Nebula Star, or is ordered by same to do so. Saying "Ryôkai" (?? - Japanese for "Roger"), or "Ready" in the US version, he raises his right hand towards the Nebula Star, which shoots a beam at him, transforming into Spectreman, a cybernetic being in a gold-and-copper cuirass, with a full helmet looking somewhat like the Rocketeer's mask. Before transforming back into a human, however, he simply faints, possibly from using up his energy. Spectreman starts out as human-sized, and can increase his size at will.

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