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Godzilla vs King Kong Dvd Uncut!


Now this is the way these movies were meant to be viewed!! Scratch the Sony DVDs and those double features..crap!! This comes with 5.1 audio, remastered visuals, theatrical trailers and tv spots, making-of features and DELETED SCENES! That's plain uncanny for a Godzilla DVD so if you're looking for a excellent quality to add to your collection, but these Toho are DVD-r copies. The only minus is the lack of a menu. But it's uncut, unruined by dubbing, and packed with extras!! Not to mention Sony Tristar has only a limited amount of G-films available in their inferior collection. Classic Media is the only company that comes even close, but their collection is a small one of six editions. "Eight" if you include the "War of the Gargantuans"/"Rodan" special edition duo edition. This direct from Japan series comes with pretty much all 28 movies. So spend 4 extra bucks n be a true fan. :)

One of the biggest hits of all time!! Well, Toho style. This one is one of my favorites due to the action. As a young child, and to this day, I love it! Godzilla's entrance is probably one of the coolest ever, debunking the notion of him always emerging from the sea. His rampage scenes are well done and Tsubaraya knew what he was doing.
Date Added: 11/18/2010 by josh landeros
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